My Work

Patient Windowdownload

The Patient Window is an industry leading solution that allows for Physicians and Medical Staff to view the entire patient’s medical documents across all charts regardless of document type. This tool allows allows for easy management of patient documents with the ability to filter  and organize documents by tabs.

This application was built using ASP.NET Web forms in C# and Javascript.


downloadPatient Health Record

The Patient Health Record is a single page application that allows patients to view their upcoming documents from appointments in order to fill out before their appointment. It also allows patients to upload pictures to their doctors for them to review and see the history of what they have uploaded.

This project was built primarily using Angular.


Hex, Dec, Binary Coverterunnamed

This application was a side project as my first android application. It allows users to easily convert numbers between hexadecimal, decimal, and binary. Very useful for verifying the accuracy of my homework back in college.

web_hi_res_512 copyBookmarkOS

Bookmark OS is side project I built to integrate the bookmark site into Android so that a user can easily share a URL from any application and record it in their bookmarks. There is no current android application for the site and all of my favorite bookmark managers had this feature so I built it myself!

For more work, take a look at my Github profile.