About Wes

WesThis is the personal site for Wes Kenyon focusing mainly on software engineering, business lessons, and other ideas.

I have been involved in some sort of Software or Hardware since I was a kid which eventually led me down the path of being a Software Engineer. As a teen I attended summer camp creating Lego Mindstorm robots and through High School I would get my first real taste of coding creating Dr. Mario in Visual Basic. I would learn Java and Object Oriented Programming and from there I knew what to do when I moved onto a higher education. In college I majored in Computer Engineering and graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016.

I am currently a Software Developer at a large Midwest Tech Company. I work on Full Stack style development with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, to C# and ASP.NET, and to Microsoft SQL.  Currently I am focusing on creating Angular web applications and trying to master the framework.

In my free time I enjoy reading science fiction, playing retro video games, or watching sports. When the weather is right I like to ski and go fishing and play sports. I am an avid music listener and also like to watch movies.